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I know some stuff about online learning and/or digital curriculum. 

I also write and/or very often. 

Those are both facts about me. 

Here is Episode 2 of the Education in Education show. 

It's about the first of those 2 facts. 

Math Bell Ringers // Week 1

If you're teaching math to any kid 7th grade(ish) or up, these videos will be SUPER helpful. 

Here's how I'd play it:

If you're teaching in a one-to-one environment... one of these each day next week to your Google Classroom (or class site), starting 30 minutes before your school day. I'd post them now and schedule them so you don't have to worry about going and finding them every morning. They'll post at whatever time you schedule them. Have the students show their work/answers on a piece of paper and then have them pass them up at the end of the video. Do with them what you wish. 

If your students don't have devices but you have a tv/smartboard/big ole screen connected to a computer... soon as the tardy bell rings, start this video. It'll give you time to take attendance, get yourself together, and/or talk to any individual students you need to address that may have missed the day before. Then do the pass up then look at then throw away thing and start teaching. 

If you don't have a screen and your students don't have screens....

invest stock in Apple products because the year is 2001, then get in your time machine and head forward to join the rest of us. 

Here are 5 Bell Ringers and/or Problems of the Day for you and your students and yourself: 

One Piece of Advice for Starting School

You get one shot at every day. 

One shot at life. 

Stop pretending you get two shots at it. 

Also, don't be someone people can't stand...

...because chairs are expensive.

Get it? 

Can't stand.

Meh, just watch the vid. 

The Pythagorean Theorem Lesson Package // Google Forms

I've got a lesson pack for anyone wanting to learn/teach the Pythagorean Theorem. 

Here's the link to the Google Form

Please make sure you just make a copy of it, and then edit your copy. 

If not, you'll be having your students fill it out and other will be able to see their scores. 

Why do I care about this thing you've made?

Well, you beautiful educator you, you would assign this to your students (the fill-out-a-form view, not the teacher view I linked above), and they would all work on it on their own. 

What makes it special is that I have differentiated it to go to a different page based off their answer. 

So if a student gets this question wrong: 

Screen Shot 2016-09-12 at 4.17.17 PM.png

Then it goes to a different page that gives them further reinforcement of what a hypotenuse is, then they're redirected to a two-question assessment. 

If they get that original question correct, they go straight to the quiz. 

So it differentiates based on the student's success. 

It also scores the students automatically based on their answers.

You, as the teacher, will be able to see every single student's ability and comfort level with the Pythag of all Theorems. 

Here's another video on it, for fun.

Just in case that wasn't enough Pythagoras to quench your thirst. 

PS That stunning dude in the preview of the form is by buddy Brakebill. He's a professional male model. You can change that if you'd like, but why would you make the form less gorgeous? 

Teacher/Student Rap

Several years ago a student (who actually raps) and I (who does not rap) made a little rap video after a tutoring session. 

It's a number one hit that never got any play. 

click for every other second of rehearsal/filming. We would've done it to where Tyler was even partially on beat, however, that would've taken years. for the red shirt guy and

Back-2-School Advice - YouTube

School is starting. 

Study, pay attention, blah blah blah. 

I got the real advice. 

Here's the whole playlist. 

Below is just one thing you got to know. 

It's good stuff. 

I think/know.

This new series goes through everything you need to know about starting back-2-school with the basics, and you'll dominate your entire school NAY THE COUNTRY!!! First one: Don't wear your brand new clothes the first day of school.