Make Drive Available Offline // Google Drive

So you don't have Internet at home. Or maybe your students don't have Internet at home. 

This solves the problem of not being able to work on stuff outside of Wifi. 

It's like 3 clicks. 

However, Google Classroom is not available outside of the Internet. 

Make sure you either screenshot it or make sure it's in your Drive (probably have to open the Doc in classroom for it to generate in Drive). 



Snapchat in Class: Education in Education Show

Snapchat can be scary. 

Because is started super sketchy. 

Well, now it's got a cool thing called Stories. 

It's kinda perfect for education. 

Check it. 

In this episode we discuss how to incorporate Snapchat, one of the top two social media platforms for kids, into your school or classroom. Also address the warnings for not getting jacked with your job.