First Day of Class // Google Form Template

Summer is officially over. 

Winter is coming. 

Time for students!!!

My goal here is to provide you with:

A. Fun

B. Resources

C. Information

D. All of the Above

This one is great for start of the year information gathering. I like to call it the "Tell Me About Your Face Form," but the name is changeable. ;)

Here's the link to automatically create your own Google Form for First Day InfoFeel free to edit/delete/add anything you want. It's yours now, run with it. 

When I started teaching, I emulated Dr. Dykema by gathering student information via index cards, then I would use those to not only have parent contact emails (that never worked) and remember their names.

About as crazy as I'd go in questioning would be "Tell me one Fun Fact About Yourself." This would allow me to respond to them in front of the class, but I'd usually not give a lot of information. This allowed it to be a sort of inside convo to the class, which intrigued the rest of the students so they'd either ask then or later. It sometimes helped with student interactions, especially for those who didn't have the buddy system the day they entered. 

Now, it's 2017. An easy/free way to get to know your students is to know what content they consume on the Social Media. That's why I like this question, it enables itself to become a great conversation starter. Rapport, people, rapport. 

I also enjoy a quick look at how my students feel about my subject matter, because...ya know..pie charts! 

And you know ya boi gonna throw in a Harry Potter pic cause I gotta get them House Points up!

I hope that link worked, holla if it didn't! 



As the increase of information obtained from the Internet continues to jet skyward like The Rocketeer, it will become more and more crucial that people of all ages become proficient in discerning valid resources. 

I'm talking responsible digital citizenship, people.

With the amount of news that is skewed or labeled "fake" to serve the agendas of specific people/groups, as educators we must inform our students on how to be responsible consumers of information. 

People can contrive whatever they want on the Internet and publish it in seconds to potential audiences of millions.

Let's help our students/children decipher and discern credible information for themselves, and not blindly follow their newsfeed headlines. 

My thoughts/opinion/non-fact: 


Okay, so it feels strange to talk about myself, but my name and picture are all over the site so I don't think it could get much worse. 

If not, it will now...

I was recently approached and given the opportunity to chat with a super chill dude named Sam Pierce from the Arkansas-Democrat Gazette (Arkansas' main newspaper). We chatted about some education stuff and blah blah he's a legit writer not an ex-math teacher so read him write about it here instead of me rambling like I'm doing right now

One of my quotes that I totally made up and didn't steal (I don't think) // 

I was also contact by the exceptional Marva Hinton over at Education Week. She and I discussed different aspects of education and video and education video and video education!!! 

Thanks for listening to your brain read me talking about people who are talking about me. 

More than that, thanks for your time. 

When Teachers See Students Outside of School

Christmas break is over. 

Now it's time to get down to business like a tie on the floor. 

When you were a student, did you ever see your teachers out in public?'s stinkin weird. 

They're all wearing shorts and t-shirts and getting bread and looking like normal humans. 

Just, not right. 

Here is every teacher's response when they see students. 

How to Ace your Finals/Semester Tests

Tests are not fun. 

Well, tests aren't that bad. 

It's getting the results that hurts. 

Try some of the tips from this playlist and increase your chances tremendously. 

Like, Dragonball Z power level over 9000 type stuff. 

Good luck on finals, my friends. 

Click next to check out more tips in the same playlist. 

Why People Have Different Favorite Movies

This is a subjective opinion. 

But why? 

Why is my favorite movie Hot Rod but yours may be Inception?

Because we are people. 

And people experience more than just the 2 hours of a movie. 

It's tied to other things and times and people and emotions. 

But also...

Hot Rod IS the best movie ever. 

That is a fact. 

This is part of a longer conversation, where Chris and I talk about our favorite movies of all-time