How to Ace your Finals/Semester Tests

Tests are not fun. 

Well, tests aren't that bad. 

It's getting the results that hurts. 

Try some of the tips from this playlist and increase your chances tremendously. 

Like, Dragonball Z power level over 9000 type stuff. 

Good luck on finals, my friends. 

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Why People Have Different Favorite Movies

This is a subjective opinion. 

But why? 

Why is my favorite movie Hot Rod but yours may be Inception?

Because we are people. 

And people experience more than just the 2 hours of a movie. 

It's tied to other things and times and people and emotions. 

But also...

Hot Rod IS the best movie ever. 

That is a fact. 

This is part of a longer conversation, where Chris and I talk about our favorite movies of all-time

AWESOME YouTube Extensions

Here are some helpful/lovely extensions for your YouTube viewing experience.

REMINDER: Gotta have Chrome for these. 

DOUBLE REMINDER: If you're not using Chrome, people are judging you.

Musicmatch for YouTube

  • Instant Lyrics on Music Videos

Smart Pause for YouTube

  • Whenever you click to a different tab, your video automatically pauses

YouTube Playback Speed Control

  • Speed it up, slow it down

Mini YouTube

  • Shows video when you scroll down to comments

Floating for YouTube App

Floating for YouTube Extension

  • Float YouTube videos while you work

  • Note you need both the app and extension.

GIFit! for YouTube

  • Make awesome GIFs from any YouTube Video

QueueTube for YouTube

  • Search and queue up videos to play next while watching your video

Herp Derp for YouTube

  • Change all mean and inappropriate comments to “herp derp”

Video Preview

  • Shows you a few thumbnails from the video without clicking on the video!

Turn Off the Lights

  • Blank out the rest of the YouTube page including recommended videos and comments.

Hide YouTube Comments

  • No idea what this one does.


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