AWESOME YouTube Extensions

Here are some helpful/lovely extensions for your YouTube viewing experience.

REMINDER: Gotta have Chrome for these. 

DOUBLE REMINDER: If you're not using Chrome, people are judging you.

Musicmatch for YouTube

  • Instant Lyrics on Music Videos

Smart Pause for YouTube

  • Whenever you click to a different tab, your video automatically pauses

YouTube Playback Speed Control

  • Speed it up, slow it down

Mini YouTube

  • Shows video when you scroll down to comments

Floating for YouTube App

Floating for YouTube Extension

  • Float YouTube videos while you work

  • Note you need both the app and extension.

GIFit! for YouTube

  • Make awesome GIFs from any YouTube Video

QueueTube for YouTube

  • Search and queue up videos to play next while watching your video

Herp Derp for YouTube

  • Change all mean and inappropriate comments to “herp derp”

Video Preview

  • Shows you a few thumbnails from the video without clicking on the video!

Turn Off the Lights

  • Blank out the rest of the YouTube page including recommended videos and comments.

Hide YouTube Comments

  • No idea what this one does.


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