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"Move Your Bus" by Ron Clark // Book Review!!

Why hello there!

We’re going to just jump right in like an Olympic diver at tryouts!

For this week’s Tarver Book Club, I scoured the pages of the phenomenal educator Ron Clark’s newest book: Move Your Bus (to be read at the volume and pacing of Ty Pennington’s MOVE…THAT…BUS!!!).

If you’re thinking “That name Ron Clark sounds familiar, did he run for president or something in the 90s?” No (I don’t think), but you may remember him from The Ron Clark Academy, Survivor, his other books, Oprah, or the Matthew Perry movie “The Ron Clark Story.”

This is a wonderful, insightful, and practical look at leadership in a school and/or business, but isn’t just for administrators. I think teachers can really get some clean insight into some of the decision-making strategies that their principal might be executing.

Ever feel like you don’t get to attend any out-of-state PDs?

Ever feel like you do 100 more things than your peers and keep getting more added to your plate?

Wonder why some teachers can get away with more than others when they mess up?

If you mumbled “yes” under your breath to either of those, then there are reasons for that! Ron covers some great ideas and leadership ideas and classifies the people in an organization into 5 categories.


I really connected with this book and straight up am going to be incorporating many of the principles that hadn’t already found their way into my own leadership.

Have you read it?

What book should I cover next?

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