Okay, so it feels strange to talk about myself, but my name and picture are all over the site so I don't think it could get much worse. 

If not, it will now...

I was recently approached and given the opportunity to chat with a super chill dude named Sam Pierce from the Arkansas-Democrat Gazette (Arkansas' main newspaper). We chatted about some education stuff and blah blah he's a legit writer not an ex-math teacher so read him write about it here instead of me rambling like I'm doing right now

One of my quotes that I totally made up and didn't steal (I don't think) // 

I was also contact by the exceptional Marva Hinton over at Education Week. She and I discussed different aspects of education and video and education video and video education!!! 

Thanks for listening to your brain read me talking about people who are talking about me. 

More than that, thanks for your time.