As the increase of information obtained from the Internet continues to jet skyward like The Rocketeer, it will become more and more crucial that people of all ages become proficient in discerning valid resources. 

I'm talking responsible digital citizenship, people.

With the amount of news that is skewed or labeled "fake" to serve the agendas of specific people/groups, as educators we must inform our students on how to be responsible consumers of information. 

People can contrive whatever they want on the Internet and publish it in seconds to potential audiences of millions.

Let's help our students/children decipher and discern credible information for themselves, and not blindly follow their newsfeed headlines. 

My thoughts/opinion/non-fact: 

Why People Have Different Favorite Movies

This is a subjective opinion. 

But why? 

Why is my favorite movie Hot Rod but yours may be Inception?

Because we are people. 

And people experience more than just the 2 hours of a movie. 

It's tied to other things and times and people and emotions. 

But also...

Hot Rod IS the best movie ever. 

That is a fact. 

This is part of a longer conversation, where Chris and I talk about our favorite movies of all-time

One Piece of Advice for Starting School

You get one shot at every day. 

One shot at life. 

Stop pretending you get two shots at it. 

Also, don't be someone people can't stand...

...because chairs are expensive.

Get it? 

Can't stand.

Meh, just watch the vid.