Google Certified Educator Level 1 Checklist with Video Tutorials!

Would you like to be a Google Certified Educator?

Do you want to add the Google skills you’re missing without having to ask a student for help?

Do you like organized lists?

If you said “YES” to any of those three questions, you’re in luck!

I took the incredible checklists created by Sir Eric Curts on the skills necessary to become a Google Certified Educator Level 1 and made video tutorials for every single skill!

Even if you don’t want to become a Google Certified Educator, it’s still a great chunk of tutorials if you ever hit a snag using Google for Education!

Link to the Google Doc of the checklist with video links

Or….my website link in case you are disgusted by Google Docs (but want to learn more about them)

Please forward this to anyone you think it might help!

(if you’d like to subscribe to the YouTube where all of these are housed, you should do that!)

Last thing, if you’re a fan of redundancy, or just like southern accents, here’s me saying the same thing in video format!

Thanks for your attention!

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Google Drive Starter Kit // Google Certified Educator Training

What up! 

I'll keep this short and sweet like a miniature laffy taffy. 

If you're wanting to pass the Google Certified Educators Level 1 Training, I've made videos of the main things you need to know about Google Drive. 

They're linked below. 

First Day of Class // Google Form Template

Summer is officially over. 

Winter is coming. 

Time for students!!!

My goal here is to provide you with:

A. Fun

B. Resources

C. Information

D. All of the Above

This one is great for start of the year information gathering. I like to call it the "Tell Me About Your Face Form," but the name is changeable. ;)

Here's the link to automatically create your own Google Form for First Day InfoFeel free to edit/delete/add anything you want. It's yours now, run with it. 

When I started teaching, I emulated Dr. Dykema by gathering student information via index cards, then I would use those to not only have parent contact emails (that never worked) and remember their names.

About as crazy as I'd go in questioning would be "Tell me one Fun Fact About Yourself." This would allow me to respond to them in front of the class, but I'd usually not give a lot of information. This allowed it to be a sort of inside convo to the class, which intrigued the rest of the students so they'd either ask then or later. It sometimes helped with student interactions, especially for those who didn't have the buddy system the day they entered. 

Now, it's 2017. An easy/free way to get to know your students is to know what content they consume on the Social Media. That's why I like this question, it enables itself to become a great conversation starter. Rapport, people, rapport. 

I also enjoy a quick look at how my students feel about my subject matter, because...ya know..pie charts! 

And you know ya boi gonna throw in a Harry Potter pic cause I gotta get them House Points up!

I hope that link worked, holla if it didn't! 


Adding Parent Access in Google Classroom

Dang, Classroom is awesome.  

Parents can now have access to see their student's work/grades.  

They can be notified either dusky or weekly about it via email.  

Also, once one teacher adds them for a student, it automatically attached them to all their other classes. 

So if you have one teacher on point, you good bro. 

Bravo Google, bravo.  

Make Drive Available Offline // Google Drive

So you don't have Internet at home. Or maybe your students don't have Internet at home. 

This solves the problem of not being able to work on stuff outside of Wifi. 

It's like 3 clicks. 

However, Google Classroom is not available outside of the Internet. 

Make sure you either screenshot it or make sure it's in your Drive (probably have to open the Doc in classroom for it to generate in Drive).